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Every Night
I look back on my life
I look at the sky I feel the edge of the knife
My minds shook take a look nothing I do feels right

Behind My minds state
I try to clean My minds slate
It seems I can’t redeem that’s my fate
I confess there’s no one to address
I guess It’s too late

Lost confessions
Crossed aggression
Another loss Another lesson
Points across comes to depression

Used to feeling worthless
Everything Was hopeless
Bringing down my focus
Now I’m droppin’ bombs on the surface

Thinkin’ of my gift it’s a miracle
Everythin’ Swift When I’m lyrical
Sins astounded life is spiritual
So well rounded you could call me spherical

Hard to explain the pain inside my soul
Feelings unexplained I’m about to explode
Listen as I shout I’m about to unload
No one hears me talkin’ while I’m walkin’
Down this road All alone


Verse 1:

My Destiny is a path built heavily
I’m educated from all my penalties
running into war recklessly
This is written up on my legacy

My minds in pieces, Attempt to restore
Prepare your pad, I’m coming for war
Intensity, heat, I got the sheet to settle the score

My flow is something to brace one’s self for one you can’t ignore

I’ve been blamed I get locked up, restrained
I gotta be mistaken for or framed
A traitor, a thief, a killer, I’ve been named
Invested in this game, forever proclaimed

I’ve been reborn, Drowned in water
Blood pouring, Children surrounding an altar
The gods invoked me inside of a border
” This is a war child, thou shall not falter “


Reborn for clarity…
Reborn for war
Reborn for disease
Reborn for death X3

Verse 2:

I’m the greatest prophecy, pure blood, prodigy
Reaching my potential, terminal velocity
Spitting constantly, Saying that, Honestly
Modestly, My games put together pretty solidly
I’ve been tested experimentally for physiological physiology

For every instrumental, I bust out everything eventful
Everything put together with my pencil is labeled confidential
Writing is essential, every piece of work fundamental
I’m in a trance to advance and develop my potential

Inspired from death and devilish chants
Souls lost, Won’t get back, Something the devil won’t grant
Poison mixed with words made of symphonies and an enchant
I try to take one last breath, I’m fading back, I just can’t….

My ashes are created and reformed from all four elements
Depending on my solace and my death’s relevance
I’ve been rewarded for my determination and excellence
I’m worried for my body, But not my intelligence

I will be turned to cinders and burn
Slumber in the deep until my return
After I’m gone it’s the gods concerns
Until my birth right… When I’m reborn


Reborn for clarity…
Reborn for war
Reborn for disease
Reborn for death X3

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I don’t really love you…

But, I fucking love you

I love it when I say it

And you just reply with ” Fuck You “.

You might of made a very wrong choice…

But then again, Who Am I to raise the noise?

I can’t simply hate you just for chasing boys

I can’t deal with myself, All I got is my own voice

I’m not mad that you’re with him

It’s just kind of a fucked system

I’m mad because he’s just gon’ fuck you, leave, and you won’t listen

I’m still your guardian angel and that’s my mission….

I feel like I’ve been cheated

Dis-erupted, blind, I feel defeated…

I know it feels right, Things are looking bright, your being mislead-ed…

He don’t want to love you, He just wants to get ” treated “

I see inside your head, But I still cannot elude

While he’s sitting with you, It’s poison, definitive, delude

Take a look at the shining moon… Think of me and put yourself in that kind of mood

My words aren’t trying to hurt you, guide you, I try to sooth..

Devastation in words is but a curse
Lifting books pages, Knowledge quenches thirst
No beauty with flaw in writing, nothing much worse
Entwined together is beauty and flaw, Forgetful perfection, devastation and aw

Sun was rising, Now it is setting, Cautious, In love
No attention paid, Except for the sun burning above
Hopes and dreams, Embedded inside
Where the sun and the moon suddenly collide

Two writers together, Pencils and Pens
Writing together until the cataclysmic end
White wings shrouded in the dark, Where they descend
Your words are beautiful, Medicine, and mend

Arguing, But with laughter, Care to make a bet?
Suddenly in anger because of not meeting your dictators yet..
I’ll look in your beautiful eyes, I know that were set
We’ll die together, Like Romeo And Juliet